Lights, Camera, Action!
Career Commercial Info and Reminders for January 2015

1.  Create a new project in EasyBib called Career Commercial. Add all 7 required elements to EasyBib project for career commercial. Your commercial Works Cited may have MORE than 7 sources but must include:
person you shadowed (Use Personal Interview citation)
-article you cited in job shadow paper
-song(s)--wikipedia is usually the best source of info for song,
-video clip,
-business website of your shadow,
-fast shadow facts website (, and
-SD Wages site (this might be the SD Opportunities Booklet or SD Wages website)

Remember to LOG IN each time you visit Easy Bib so you can save your work!
Export and PRINT a copy of your Works Cited from EasyBib in correct MLA format--double-spaced, indented, alphabetized. Ask if you need help!
Your Works Cited will end your commercial.


2.  Career Commercial Script Pieces: You will show me these paragraphs for points! You will re-write if they don't include the required info!
Type the paragraphs you will read for job description and education sections.  If you did NOT do a thorough job on your Fast Shadow Facts or Job Shadow Journal, you may need to return to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for more info!

Job Description:
Tell your audience EVERYTHING someone in that career might do in a typical day. 

Tell your audience about ALL of the education AND certification and licensing requirements (for example, is there a licensing test or exam?)
Use SD Career Opportunities booklet activity to write Education section. 
Include one college or vo-tech school IN SOUTH DAKOTA has your program, how long the program takes to complete and how much it will cost.

Work Environment:  Not just the physical place, but tools, uniforms, hours, stresses, risks/dangers, etc.

Salary and benefits (not just monetary): This section must also include
national and South Dakota salaries. Use the info from Fast Shadow Facts and the SD Wage estimates info from worksheet that accompanied SD Educ. Opportunities Booklet or from South Dakota Labor Market Information Center

Personal Qualifications:  What special qualities or skills does a person working in this field need to have? Follow this example!
For example, CHAUFFEURs must be...
honest, friendly, polite and punctual. Professional chauffeurs understand that your time is precious and will not waste your time. There is no excuse for being late in picking you up or getting you to your destination, whether you are attending a business or social event. Chauffeurs must have good communication skills.  They  must be very responsible, as they must look after their passengers' safety.  They also have to be alert and patient. Chauffeurs must be reasonably good at math so they can calculate change. Other important qualities include good hearing, reflexes and eyesight with or without corrective lenses so that they can drive safely in busy areas. In addition chauffeurs should be well dressed and should be clean or neatly shaven. Finally and probably most importantly, a chauffeur must be formally trained to effectively maneuver and park limousines and other luxury vehicles that he may be required to drive. He must be knowledgeable about the city's traffic patterns as well as the laws.

Job Outlook and Opportunities for Advancement--%age of growth from Fast Shadow Facts ( (will there be jobs?  is this a fast-growing field?) how can you advance in this field, next step?  Check for your field on this list!  Where does it fall?

Job Shadow Experience--who, where, what you saw and did.  If you took photos, tell us what we are seeing in them in your  narration. 
Use your Business Info sheet here to give us background about the business!

Important Tip: Record your whole script to see how long it is BEFORE you drag in all the pictures.  That way you'll know how many more images/slides you'll need to find and you will avoid lots of "dead air." Remember you are shooting for 4:30 to 5:00 minutes. Other than during the required video clip, YOU will be narrating for 4:30-5:00.


3. Once your script is written, use it to arrange many many images in an order that makes sense with the script.
Maybe start by designing the 7 title slides for your presentation in i-movie or KeyNote. If you design in Keynote, you will need to export as a movie!  At the very least, put the titles on a background that isn't just black or white. Consider a theme that makes them all similar or consider a faded picture in the background. Don't choose a background so wild that it's hard to read the words. These would be your title slides:
Job Description
Education & Training
Work Environment
Salary & Benefits
Personal Qualities (or Qualifications)
Job Outlook & Advancement
Job  Shadow
**You can add additional title slides if you have other miscellaneous info you would like to share.


4.  Do you have a song and a video clip selected ? 
If you don't have a song in your i-tunes, talk to Ms. Johnson OR convert a song from YouTube on your PC at home  at  YouTube MP3 or at Convert YouTube Video to i-Tunes Free. Also search for a tool to convert a YouTube video clip to an avi file or mpeg.  *I'm not sure what is in Self-Serve right now!
**Remember to add song and video clip to EasyBib!

When assigned, s
how me your SONG and VIDEO clip saved to your computer for points.
For video, try using Zamzar, Click the Download Videos tab and paste in the YouTube (or other website) address for the video clip.

Start searching for songs that fit your career
Here are some songs from last year's presentations:
Dentist used Vitamin C's "Put a Smile on Your Face"
Cardiologist used "Achey Breaky Heart"
Pilot used theme from Top Gun
Dermatologist used Frank Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin"
Fireman used Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"
Police used "Bad Boys, Bad Boys"
Construction used "Bob the Builder" theme
Teacher used Jackson Fives' "A-B-C, easy as 1,2,3"
Cosmetologist used "I'm a Barbie  Girl"
Optometrist used "I Can See Clearly Now..."
Physical Therapist used "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
Coach/Professional Athlete used "Put Me in Coach"
Psychologist used "Head Games"

View i-movie tutorials if necessary:
--custom slideshows with titles
--creating slides in keynote to save to i-movie
--layering audio in i-movie


5.  Start thinking of a catchy title for your presentation

Past Catchy Titles:
Extreme Makeover=cosmetologist          Let's Get Physical=Physical Therapy
Wee Care=childcare                            Animal House=Vet
Cuff 'Em and Stuff 'Em=police/JDC         Inside & Out=Radiology
Say Cheese=photography                    We Dig the Past=Archeology
We Didn't Start the Fire=Firefighters      Show Me the Money=finance
Drivin' My Life Away=Chauffeur
We Got the Beat=DJ

Rubric will be distributed in class.